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 Limited number of attendees therefore genuine buyers only, we ask you to pre-register with our office prior to sale day.

 Large quantity of items on offer which include: Clayton & Shuttleworth 6 hp portable steam engine, Hornsby 6 hp portable steam engine, vertical boiler, loco boiler from small portable, Mansell stationary steam engine, Lanz Bulldog P complete, Bulldog incomplete, Steel wheel McCormick-Deering 22/36, steel wheel Case L, numerous other vintage tractors and parts including Case, McCormick-Deering, Fordson, and Cat 22; steel wheels, assorted vintage stationary engines including Lister, Petter, Southern Cross, Cooper, Buzacott; Cooper two stand shearing plant, vintage Viscount Ambassador Caravan (unreg), ex-Army International No.1 4wd complete with rear seats and canopy (unreg), International No.1 parts truck, ex-army tank ammunition trailer (unreg), Ford crane truck minus engine, vintage Graham Bros truck chassis, 6m stock float, farm equipment including horse drawn ploughs, horsedrawn dam scoop, horsedrawn mower, 9 tyne Grasslands chisel plough, 17 plate offset disc, Sundercut  12 disc plough, farm trailer, steel water tank on trailer, Ford 3pl blade, covering harrows, Connor Shea 3pl tyne seeder, 400 l 3pl tank with pump and 10m boomspray, Trimble Ezy track 250 guidance system, 600 l twin reel spray unit with Honda motor, vintage ground driven spreader, 3pl superjib, cattle headbale, vintage Conquip rotoripper, vintage Tillmor hiller, vintage belt driven sawbench, saw splindle and blade, two man chainsaw, portable welder with Winsconsin V4 engine, electric fencing gear,  assorted tractor tyres, small 400kg feed silo, Jet Fast lawn edger, blacksmith hand forge, vintage rabbit fumigator, steel fence posts and droppers, wooden offsets and droppers, hand augers, assorted belt driven pumps, Rega knapsack, Tangye steam pump,  Knowles steam pump, assorted overhead shearing gear and grinders, Vanguard I bonnet, doors bootlid and wheel spats, hubcaps, steering and suspension parts, Lucas generators and starter motors, gearboxes with overdrives, wheels and tyres, Landcruiser HJ60 doors, seats & trim parts, assorted carbies, B&S fuel tanks & carbies, several  32v generators & 3ph electric motors, sheets roofing iron, lengths new quad gutter plus clips, vintage household items and collectibles including electric copper, gas copper (minus burner), 32v mixmasters & irons, kero irons, cream separator, butter churn, Singer treadle and electric sewing machines, Kero fridge and parts, ice chest, vintage Bega fuel stove, Warmray room heater, handle mowers, scythe, 32v electric drills, 240 v Pacemaker table saw, electric mitre saw, gas BBQs, other household goods & assorted books.

Outside Vendors: Household furniture nick knacks and kitchen utensils; childrens toys; Massey Ferguson 3PL table saw with blade; Russian hydraulic metal shaper; row seeder; forge frame; CIG Welder Transarc HD300; 3 phase exhaust fan; Industrial overlocker; trolley jack; Wisconsin V4 engine complete with parts; PTO; windmill parts, gates.

THIS IS NOT A SOCIAL GATHERING – COVID 19 protocols will be enforced.

Bid Card System in place; payment by cash or cheque only

Please refer to our Facebook page for photos and further details


TOM PIDDINGTON  0429 525797            LUKE HEAGNEY  0459 044447